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Jul 30, 2022
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Ghost buttons and similar hollow elements are still quite thin in many design trends. Their conversion rate doesn't seem to be outstanding enough, and compared to other fixed shapes, their appeal is mediocre. Their visual effect depends mainly on the surrounding contrast and the environment itself. In a word, there are many disadvantages. Even so, they did not disappear soon, on the contrary still active in the design line. They can do so in large part because we've grown accustomed to these elements. When they first appeared on the UI interface, the confusion and confusion that users felt has gradually disappeared, and we all know that it is a button. The current ghost button and similar elements have been accepted by the market and users, and are not uncommon in commercial design, and b2b data even assume the function of a call to action, which is enough to attract users' attention. The usage of ghost buttons in Ignite Online pages, which used to be a very typical way, has been improved a lot, and now its usage strategy has been improved, take a look at Adidas' Climazone page below. Here, the ghost button has more release controls, which not only has a good hover effect, but also makes the relationship between components more clear and stable through typography, and the circular element on the left strengthens the design consistency. Based on these cases, if we want to make good use of this design trend, we need to consider the following points: Make sure there is enough white space around it; Make sure it is large enough by itself; The ghost button and the background should form enough contrast; use appropriate graphics to host it; Use hover effects to enhance visual guidance. Although it is a bit strange to say this, the linear style button design of the ghost button can really improve the user experience. Take a look at the Pholc website below. The designer has adopted a split-screen design, with two huge but not-so-obvious ghost buttons placed in the center of the two blocks, bringing an immersive experience by overlapping. For users, the entire design is clear and intuitive, with two parallel exploration methods in front of them. The pick up of linear art The ghost button has the characteristics of linear art, but it is not the only linear element. Throughout the design, the use of hollow linear elements has vaguely become a popular trend. The content of this design trend is rich and varied. For example, adding a thin border around the title with a subtle contrast to the background not only makes the whole design more elegant, but also allows the title to gain additional visual attention, like the design of the two websites Drawlight and Domaine Direct below. .
Website Design: From Ghost Buttons to Hollow Elements, How to Use  content media


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