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Jun 21, 2022
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The second type of product manager is really troubled Whatsapp Mobile Number List with the output of designers. He may not trust you enough, and he wants to give you advice as much as possible, in order to make the final performance of the product better in this way. Products are like their own children to product Whatsapp Mobile Number List managers. Who doesn’t want to make their children as good as possible? Or maybe he is actually very interested in design. He doesn't deliberately pick faults with your design, but hopes to improve himself. By asking you questions, but he is not very good at Whatsapp Mobile Number List expressing it, making you sound like he is giving you serious questions. Fault. You should be thankful for these fluffy product managers, because of his existence, you Whatsapp Mobile Number List will continue to upgrade. Many times he challenges the design Whatsapp Mobile Number List scheme, you don't actually understand it yourself, do you? Product manager, i want to tell you 1. You really don’t understand design most product managers do not understand design. I often meet the product manager around me. After seeing the design plan, the first reaction is "ugly", but i can't say what is "ugly" when i ask him carefully. There are also some product managers who hope Whatsapp Mobile Number List to increase the exposure of a function as much as possible, and require designers to enhance the visual level of the function through visual means such as adding prompts, high-saturation colors, and larger sizes. But doing Whatsapp Mobile Number List this may make your product like a dog skin plaster, which affects the overall visual experience, or even brings more negative problems. There are many examples, so i won't list them one by one.
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