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Jun 21, 2022
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Zhang Hao felt apprehensive when he thought of the disdain and disappointment in the boss's eyes. But Zhang Hao's grievances can't be expressed. Once he does, job function email list it's like making excuses for himself. The big factory where he works has more than a job function email list dozen sub-business units, all of whom want to occupy the homepage of the APP to attract customers and expand their territory. However, Zhang Hao's department is very marginal, and it has little contribution to the company's revenue. " I have no right to speak in the company." "It can't be job function email list done at all, even if the boss of my department goes to ask for the entrance in person, it won't help," Zhang Hao explained, "For example, if you run a restaurant, 90% of the users come to you, definitely to eat, and A very small number of people want to borrow the restroom, but they can’t bring in revenue, so the dining area must be more conspicuous than the restroom. Our department is that restroom, job function email list nd my mother doesn’t love my mother.” Now, Zhang Hao, who is uneasy, is very worried, "If he job function email list can't make any achievements, he will not be far away from persuading him to quit." Tao Jie, a product manager in an intelligent hardware company, transferred from data analysis to product position job function email list half a year ago. He was once full of passion. Now he has only been working for half a year, but he has lost his passion. His dissatisfaction is that the company has too many levels. "Everyone can direct how the product is designed, but the product manager does not have much say."
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